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Paul and Christa are very knowledgeable and friendly. It’s encouraging to all fitness levels for adults and youths. They promote confidence, leadership and self-esteem. Our family looks forward to going to every class.

Mike H

This facility is highly recommended 👌. The coach are very professional and they treat students us a family. My kids love to learn new techniques in there jiu-jitsu.
The best of all this facility is very clean and family-friendly.

Gilbert G

The coaching team is amazing, facility is open and clean. We started with just our son in Jiu-Jitsu in hopes to build confidence and it’s been so incredible watching him grow in his skills and confidence. He has so much fun that I ended up joining Jiu-Jitsu and falling in love with the sport as well. We were looking to join a dojo and we found a great group of friends.

Sheilah S

Our daughter has been training at Okotoks Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a year now. The training and encouragement she has received has been phenomenal. The changes in her strength, flexibility, and confidence have been very noticeable. We love the atmosphere here. The studio is very clean and professional. Highly recommend.

Tamara Y

I started at OBJJ only expecting to do a couple classes. I was 29 with no BJJ or any martial arts experience. Over a year later I still look forward to every class. Paul and Krista are amazing instructors; they are fun, knowledgeable, humble and firm. They can provide instruction for any skill or knowledge level. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Matt K

Paul runs a very clean and professional school. The kids classes are fun yet disciplined. His skills are amazing, and he shares them well with his students.

Michael M

My son and I have been attending Okotoks bjj for about 4 years now. We love it! The professor and coaches are wonderful. Very knowledgeable and a wonderful teaching style. They have made my family feel like a part of their family. Highly recommended!!

Stephanie H

Great facility, instruction and friendly/family oriented atmosphere. Super technical in traditional and modern Jiu-jitsu

Chris P

5 STARS! Great place to learn the gentle art! Amazing instructors and people!

The Monsoon

We have been training at OBJJ since August 2018 (my three boys) and October 2018 (myself). This is a fantastic community that offers support encouragement and guidance to us all in such a great way. One of the best parts about this class, aside from the top notch instruction, is the structure and discipline that they teach to the kids. The kids very quickly catch on to the expectations, which are high but also totally reasonable. It really truly shows the kids that they can excel in ways they may have not thought possible. They have also helped immensely in working with one of my boys who struggles with his confidence. He's wanted to quit many times, but they have helped work with me to find ways to keep him engaged and participating. This has been amazing for my whole family. We are so grateful for OBJJ!

Erinn G

Reviewing on behalf of my Son and Husband! We have been thinking of joining a Jiu-Jitsu club for many years- we couldn't wait until our son was old enough to get involved. My husband was always into watching martial arts and is a National competitor in powerlifting- he has known for a while that he's only got a couple more powerlifting competitions left in him... And now that he's been to some Adult Jiu-Jitsu classes, he's totally hooked and ready to make the switch sooner than later. In the weeks that my Son has started classes, he's been SUPER amazing at daycare and home- I couldn't believe the discipline he acquired in only a couple classes. It's a bonus that father and son are doing it together now as they practice their new skills together at home (SO CUTE). I am happy with the professionalism and community that I feel when I'm in the club. We will be life-er's and I can't wait for my daughter to join as well!

Fun WWE Kyle

Both our Daughter and Son attend OBJJ and we can’t express how amazing it has been for both of them. It is very rare to find a combination of discipline and structure in a warm and welcoming Environment. Paul and Christa treat all of their students like Family and provide a perfect mix of fun, learning, and expectation. Our children have grown exponentially, both physically and personally, through their Jiu-Jitsu experience and I would highly recommend Okotoks Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to any Parent that is looking to enrol their Children in extracurricular activities.
A+ service/quality/experience

Kevbo S

My daughter has been going to OBJJ for 6.5 years.The instructors are very knowledgeable and keep things interesting and fun. She looks up to her professor and coach and considers them family. My husband and I also go to the adult classes and enjoy it alot. It has been great for getting in shape, weight loss, and meeting really great people. I highly recommend!

Suzanne A

My son has been going to OBJJ since October. He has gained confidence, assertiveness, and leadership skills. Paul, Christa and the team are very knowledgeable and great instructors. We look forward to our other son joining the OBJJ family and highly recommend them.

Johnathan C

When my son started at OBJJ he had severe separation anxiety. It completely transformed him in a short period of time. Now, myself, my husband and both of my sons take their Jiu Jitsu classes and we all love it!! Highly Recommend!


Fun place to train with great coaches and training partners.

Ryan H

Such a solid bunch!! Great with kids and adult children also. Lol

Bryce S

This is a phenomenal dojo. Our son, in his 4th year, has grown from a shy timid student into a fierce confident skilled student. He is treated like family. OBJJ has a fantastic children’s programs (from 5 and up) and adult classes. But don’t come here if you want an easy stripe or belt because you have been there for x amount of time. Nope, you will have to earn them. This dojo is honest, safety conscious, encouraging to all levels. Boys and girls are treated the same. If you have a daughter, and you are on the fence whether to put her in the sport, I encourage you do. I have seen little tiny girls take out boys twice their size and walk out with such confidence that they can defend
themselves. It’s amazing to see. I can’t say enough good things about Okotoks Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Joyce G

Okotoks BJJ has been a home for myself and my 8 year old son, for a little over a year now. At the age of 40, with zero martial arts experience, and no history of involvement in sports, I felt totally intimidated... but welcomed very quickly! I started in the Women’s class initially, but Coach Christa was able to help us women gain the confidence we needed, to join the regular adult class with Professor Paul. Doing Jiujitsu has helped me process a few personal things, and I am so grateful for the whole team at Okotoks BJJ. My son has also grown a lot as well, with regards to confidence, team mentality, perseverance, and respect. If you’re looking for a place to train/learn Jiujitsu, I highly recommend OBJJ.

Jennifer P
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